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Author's note really quick! So this is a story I've been working on, on deviantart. If you wish to see it there or my profile itself, my name there is the same as it is here. :D

This story is a crossover between skyward sword and twilight princess. It will include some mini crossovers with other zelda games, but nothing huge.

This will contain OC's, but I promise, no mary sues. :) But if you hate OC's, I don't need to hear it. You've been warned.

Main character is Ghirahim, and the secondary main character(s) is(are) Link from TP, and Eiki, who is my OC. No yaoi of any sort, so please don't think of it that way. ^^;

Wasn't very short, was it..? Sorry!

Well, enjoy!


The sky was red. The clouds were black. The ground was made of metal and earth mixtures. The Demon Realm was nothing but darkness, no light to bring out any details. Nothing but a figure dressed in white…

Ghirahim bent over at the waist, in pain. It hurt to be converted to spirit form… He decided.

His entire body was still black with the white pattern, all except for his face. He fell to his knees, and the metallic clang rang out as his skin touched the metal on the ground. He shakily put his hands down on the ground, supporting himself.

Black diamonds flaked off, then there were more and more as they enveloped him. After a few seconds, they turned from jet black slowly to a white color. What was left was a disheveled Demon Lord, kneeling on the ground. His arms were still black, and he still had the pattern down the left side of his body, but for the most part he was back to normal.

Wincing, he stood back up. His knees buckled beneath him, sending him to the ground with the same metallic sound again. Muttering an explicit, he steeled himself for the incoming message from his master.

Ah, so you are alive.

He winced as the voice entered his head. Yes, yes I am master. I am currently attempting to free you from the Master Sword.

He could almost feel his master's disbelief and doubt. You? I thought you were nearly destroyed by a mere human. How do you possibly figure you'll be able to free me?


I'll allow you to attempt. But just remember one thing. If you fail me again, you will cease to exist.

Ghirahim let out an easier breath as his master's voice stopped penetrating his mind. But the relief was replaced with anxiety. How was he going to bring his master back? No demon could go near the Master Sword without losing at least one piece to their body. Absently, he reached up and touched his rounded ear. He'd figured that out by his own experience.

But there had to be some way to bring his master back.

His own existence depended on it.

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